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Claudia was born on December 26, 1789. In plague-torn New Orleans, the newly-made vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac has a crisis of conscience. He goes for a guilt-driven, rain soaked walk through the plague-sealed houses near the wharf, where the epidemic had hit the strongest. In a shack, Louis finds Claudia trying to wake her mother, long since dead from plague, and without her father.

Louis takes pity on the girl and intends to take her to an orphanage. However, being starved by a self-inflicted need to drink the blood of rats rather than humans, he starts to feed on her -convincing himself that he will end her suffering. Before he could finish, his companion Lestat de Lioncourt finds him and mocks him for giving in to his vampiric urges. Claudia is taken to a hospital, but Lestat kidnaps her and tells Louis to finish her. Claudia is nearly drained, but Lestat pushes him away and offers his wrist to her, making her into a vampire.

- Wikipedia.org